Risk Assist

Risk & Information Management Support Services for Healthcare Managers

Risk Management
Patient Safety
Quality Management

Employee Health
Workers' Compensation

Accommodation/Leave Management
Hazard Management
Workplace Violence Tracking

Software as a service

Well structured software and communication tools are critical to the effective management of risks associated with providing patient care and working in the healthcare environment.

The Risk Assist "Software As A Service" platform provides healthcare organizations with a cost effective strategy to both access a complete suite of software and web-based communication tools and to insure that the resources and expertise needed to efficiently implement an integrated risk information and communication management program are available.

Data Shuttle Technology

Risk Assist service strategies create a secure data and communication management hub specifically designed for your hospital or healthcare organization. RiskPort hub software and resources may be accessed directly or via web-based connections. Within the hub environment, unique data "shuttle" technology permits Risk Management, Safety, Employee Health, Quality Management and other programs to maintain separate, confidential databases while sharing integrated:

and other customizable features and resources.

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